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We’re just two ordinary Dads creating extraordinary stories


Our company, like so many enterprises before us, was born from a chance meeting between two highly motivated people. Two advertising creatives. Two problem solvers. Two craftsmen.

But most of all, two parents.

We immediately got on like a family home on fire. Chatted about (scarily) similar hobbies and passions. Talked with enthusiasm about our hopes and dreams. But also, like a billion parents before us, the conversation inevitably shifted to the one subject that matters more than any other. Concerns about our children.

Between them, they comprised a motley crew that ranged from 4 to 22 years old. This gave us early years learning and empathy from opposite ends of the parenting journey. With this, our bond was forged.

Our first brainstorm


Much was discussed. Especially around the complex challenges – both old and new – facing parents, children and families in today’s information age. The distractions of screen time. The perils of social media. The difficulties of getting our own children to immerse themselves regularly in physical books.

But also, the enduring power of storytelling.

The timeless ritual of the bedtime read. The ability of real books to create intimate moments. How personalisation can maximise engagement. Where information can be aired. Wisdom shared. Lessons learned. Then…

The eureka moment


A company that addressed all these ongoing societal issues with a fresh approach to children’s publishing.

Personalisation with purpose.

Stories that impart little real-life lessons in a fun, engaging manner. Raising the importance of character and values that can be discussed and absorbed through family reading moments. Parenting in disguise.

Be Held™ was conceived


Two and a half years later, with non-stop hard work and relentless good intentions – our baby was born.

And maybe, just maybe…

A digital-first platform championing real books could become a force for good.

To support parents, inspire children and empower families.

Across society, literacy, future generations and the environment.

And every one of you who joins us on this adventure can become part of a positive new movement.