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Putting the power of positive change in every child’s hands

Everything OUR BOOKS do is driven by OUR MISSION to support parents, inspire children and empower families. This breathes life into OUR PROMISE.

To raise awareness and create opportunities for those young people of the world whose childhoods, for many reasons, have fallen on stony ground.

Our promise to you


The responsibility is ours

We strongly believe every business has an active role to play in addressing relevant societal issues by helping to empower an emerging and informed new generation.


A force for good

We use our platform to identify new opportunities and select key partners for their ability to support our endeavours – helping us reach children the world over.


Strength of character

Our products help deliver the moments of joy and life progression that improved literacy can bring, because every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Lasting legacy

We believe our books – through the children that read them – can create a ripple effect of positive outcomes, learnings and hope for future generations. We call it ‘Books for Life’.


Sustainability matters

We use paper, but we use it responsibly. We champion physical books, but are an internet-first company.
We don’t need (or want) an office. We will always strive for ecological balance.

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