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Our personalised BE Books™ are designed for children aged 0-8 years


These books deliver an assortment of different benefits and learnings that will apply depending on the age of the child reader. Also, through experience as parents, we know there are other factors that will influence a child’s engagement. The presence of an older sibling, for example, or the far-reaching influence of a specific teacher. Sometimes a child is just naturally a little quicker, or perhaps a bit slower, at grasping the fundamentals around literacy during those early years.

Not to worry, though.

Because there’s one sure way we’ve found to positively affect a child’s engagement levels and, crucially, to hold their attention during storytime.

To make sure they’re actually ENJOYING IT!

This is what Be Held™ is all about. Real physical books. Beautifully printed. The child as hero. Across many storytelling genres. Unfolding plots. Exciting journeys. Fun learning curves. Proper page-turners (not swipes across screens). Centres of focus for the storytime ritual. Intimate moments. Little windows of learning.



How Be Held™ books help children across increasing ages:

Even for very young children, words and pictures play an important role. Hearing the repeated sound of their own name. Exploring bright colours. Starting to see themselves in a different context. The beginnings of understanding role play. All these things begin to establish the family reading routine as a platform for learning little life-lessons.

For young school children, it’s vital they begin to understand more about the world they’re growing up in. New characters. New challenges. New worlds. All of these can be experienced in their central role as the hero of their own adventure-packed personalised story.

Young readers benefit from a chance to embrace a growing sense of self-discovery and expanding their imagination. Placed in the heart of their own mini morality tale, they can explore developing character traits and understand the consequences of their own avatar’s actions to build strength of character.

Why Be Held™ books make such great value gifts:


If you’re thinking of gifting one of our BE Books™, remember that you’re giving more than just a lovingly crafted physical book to fuel a child’s imagination as the hero in a popular genre-based adventure. You will also be giving form with function. Inspiring that child to engage with and absorb key learning messages, better equipping parents to open dialogue with them about everyday challenges and so helping to empower families to face the world together.